Wickersley / Bramley / Flanderwell bus service changes

Bus users will have noticed a number of changes this week. In good news, the main part of Rotherham bus station has re-opened following refurbishment, so buses are no longer using the temporary bus station on Forge Island. The £12 million scheme brings a number of improvements; a lighter, brighter – and hopefully safer feeling – environment, new seating, clearer display screens, and so on. When it is complete in around a month’s time, there will also be free public wi-fi, electric vehicle charging and the multi-storey car park should be easier to use. Perhaps most importantly, the building’s concrete cancer has been repaired, so it is once again structurally sound.

The service changes that we brought to residents’ attention previously have also now come into effect. For residents who use services from Flanderwell Lane and Fleming Way, this means more services running between Maltby, town and Meadowhall. An hourly service during the day (route 113) is now running between town and Ravenfield Common, via the Hospital, Tanyard and Markfield Drive.

However we are disappointed that, despite our representations, the 113 will be the only service connecting our ward directly with the hospital – a substantially worse service than we have had for many years – and we remain concerned that for particularly elderly residents on the Markfield Drive estate and in the Mark Grove bungalows complex the removal of services from the estate is unnecessary and harmful.

We were able to secure some mitigation with regards to the problems with bus stops on Fleming Way. We had raised concerns on behalf of residents that the stop stop outside the chip shop would be inadequate for the number of travellers, not least because it is often filled with parked cars. That stop and the one opposite are being moved slightly, and bus stop markings on the road will be put in place soon. That will mean that anyone parking in the stops becomes liable to be fined.

In summary then, the changes mean:

  • The X1 will continue to run between Maltby and Meadowhall along Bawtry Road, but only once every 15-ish minutes during the day
  • The new x10 will now run between Maltby (going on to Doncaster) and Meadowhall, travelling in our area along Church Lane, Flanderwell Lane, Fleming Way and Northfield Lane, also every 15 minutes. The idea is that this alternates with the X1, so if you’re travlling from Bramley crossroads or the Tanyard during the day, either the X1 or the X10 will go past every 7 or 8 minutes. The X10 then deviates round Herringthorpe Playing fields on its way in to town.
  • Both the X1 and X10 are running seven days a week. The X10 is scheduled to run once an hour during the day on a Sunday.
  • The new 113 connects town, the hospital, the Tanyard and Markfield Drive to Ravenfield Common
  • The Powells X7 service now connects Maltby through to Sheffield via Flanderwell Lane and Fleming Way (but not Rotherham town centre) every half hour during weekdays. It does not run Sundays.
  • The 19 and 19a are subject to minor timetable changes.
  • The X3 has been removed, with the x10 providing some services via Woodlaithes for commuters.

Confused? Remember, you can check timetables and maps by going to www.travelsouthyorkshire.com.

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Sunnyside community skip

Our next community skip takes place this week on Tuesday, from 10am until 12 noon (or until the skip is full), in the car park for the bungalows on The Woodway in Sunnyside.

Usual rules apply, all garden / household bulky items can be disposed of, but no: tyres, TVs, computer monitors, asbestos, gas bottles, batteries, full paint cans, fluorescent tubes, fridges, freezers or food waste.



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Change to Bramley advice surgery times

Please note that from this month, our usual Friday night advice surgery at Bramley Parish Hall will instead take place on a Thursday night.

From Thursday 14th February, it will take place every second Thursday in the month, at the slightly later time of 6.30pm, still at Bramley Parish Hall.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the change in the time.

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Markfield Drive bus services petition

We’ve joined forces with local residents to raise concerns after it was confirmed that proposed cuts to bus services from the Markfield Drive area of Flanderwell are likely to go ahead.

Joan Homer and other residents at the Blenheim Court sheltered housing complex started a petition requesting the Mayor of South Yorkshire, Dan Jarvis, ask for a re-think of the plans. The petition was signed by 70 local people from across the estate.

Councillors Emma Hoddinott and Chris Read joined two of the signatories, Patricia Gunthorpe and Rose Simmons, to present the petition to the Mayor.

At present, Markfield Drive is served by two buses each hour travelling between Rotherham and Doncaster, via Rotherham Hospital. Under the new plans, there will be just one bus an hour between Markfield Drive and the Hospital. Most buses will now bypass the estate altogether.

But that in turn causes problems because it means instead of five bus stops, residents on the estate will depend on just one on Fleming Way, which is often blocked by cars parked using local shops – making access difficult for residents with mobility problems or wheelchair users.

During the consultation we wrote formally to raise concerns about the changes but received no response.

For elderly residents like Pat and Rose, who live right at the far end of the Markfield Drive estate, the changes will mean that a trip to Morrisons to do their shopping requires them to walk a round trip of nearly a mile. They’ll have to walk past three bus stops each way every time. And instead of being able to travel to the hospital on a service every twenty minutes as it was a couple of years ago, it will now be once an hour. If they miss it, they’re stuck. For elderly residents, that can make the difference between living independently and being dependent on others.

Although overall the plans means that there will be more buses through Flanderwell and Sunnyside, they will be more difficult to catch for the very people who rely on them the most.

First could still easily correct their mistake by routing the new X10 service down Markfield Drive in just the same way as the number 10 does at the moment, and looking again at diverting just one of these buses each hour to the hospital – that would also help other residents living further along the route towards Maltby.

At the meeting of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, Mayor Dan Jarvis committed to investigate our concerns.

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Dogs Trust Community Event

We are supporting the above event at Sunnyside Community Centre next month. Free dog microchipping is available alongside a free basic health check, so please bring along your pet pooches!

Pictured above are Cllrs Chris Read and Sue Ellis at the event.

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