Could you help to keep pavements clear of snow?

OK, OK, there’s no need to panic just yet. But as the dark nights draw in and the days get chillier it’s time to start planning for proper winter weather.

Did you know that anyone can register as a snow warden, and volunteer to help keep pavements in their area cleared if and when it snows? The council will provide a snow shovel, hi-vis jacket, gloves, bags of grit – and training – to anyone who is able to commit to doing their bit. It may be that you can help with elderly neighbours, or keeping bus stop clear, or just do the space outside your house.
Cllr Emma Hoddinott, said: “We’d love to hear from anyone who wants to join our growing number of Love Where You Live volunteers and become a snow warden. You can apply online now and the council provide all the equipment and information you need.”

To find out more or register now, click here.

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Find out more about cuts to the council’s budget

The council is in the process of setting out its budget plans for the next two years.

By 2021, Tory cuts will mean that the council has had to reduce its spending by more than £200 million a year. More than 2,000 jobs will have been lost, with Rotherham amongst the hardest hit parts of the country. The cuts come as demand for social care continues to rise.

Worse, the government still doesn’t know how councils will be funded after 2020.

Effectively losing half of its budget inevitably forces councillors to make difficult decisions about how services are provided.

If you would like to find out more about how RMBC is dealing with the budget challenge, Cllr Chris Read is leading a number of informal drop in events – one of which will take place at Wickersley Library between 4pm and 6pm on Monday 12th November.

You can also find more information about the proposals under consideration and give your feedback to the council’s consultation by going to

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HS2 draft environmental statement for Bramley published

HS2 Ltd have published more information about the likely impact of the development on our area in the form of a Draft Environmental Statement.

You can find the full 226 page document as a PDF (6 MB) by clicking here and supporting 88 page “map book” (59MB PDF) by clicking here.

In the document, HS2 continue to assert that there will be only a small number of property demolitions required in our area – they say two commercial properties and five other buildings between Bramley and Ulley. The report also sets out in more detail some of the things previously reported, including changes to numerous footpaths in the Wickersley / Bramley area, alterations to the far end of Morthern Road and the extension of the M18 roundabout to make space for the railway.

It reports requirements for significant amounts of work to take place to provide embankment and “cutting” to put the line on a more level surface, as well as “accoustic screening” to reduce the noise impact on the area.

Large “satellite compounds” are planned for building works, perhaps most notably on the fields between Bramley Grange and the M18, but also (outside our ward) off Slacks Lane, and towards the far end of Morthern Road. A significant area of land between the M18 and Hellaby Industrial Estate is planned to be a “temporary material stockpile”.

And for the first time, HS2 have provided details of how long and when they think the works will take place; in Bramley this covers nearly five years between the last quarter of 2024 and the end of 2029.

There is the oportunity to ask questions and put points to HS2 at Hellaby Hall on Tuesday 30th October any time between 2pm and 8pm (click here for info about this on the HS2 website).

We continue to oppose the proposed route, which will clearly have a substantial adverse impact on our area without bringing any of the economic and transport benefits that other areas will enjoy.

UPDATE: You can comment on the draft documents as part of the consultation online by going to We also have a small number of hard copies of the consultation documents available.

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Supporting additional youth outreach work

Residents tell us that they regard activities for children and young people to be a priority for our ward devolved budget, so we are pleased to be able to confirm that we have secured additional activities on the evenings of Monday 29th October and Wednesday 31st October. Youth workers will be engaging children around the Flanderwell Park area.

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Brook Lane speed sign installed

Local residents living on The Copse and Stonely Brook told us in our Big Survey last year that they were worried about traffic speeding along Brook Lane between Bramley and Ravenfield Common.

We recently organised a community speed watch with our local PCSO, and we were joined by residents to discuss what might be done.

We’ve already been able to use our devolved ward budget to pay for a new speed activated sign which has now been installed. Last year a pedestrian refuge was installed following our campaigning. Lines of sight from the junctions will be improved soon when grass and foliage are cut back.

We are also looking at what we can do to improve signage, so drivers are clear that the stretch of road between the mini roundabout and Stonely Brook is a 30mph limit.

Beyond this, though, it is clear to us that too many cars coming into Bramley down the hill are traveling too quickly. The current 40mph limit doesn’t help. So we are asking the council to look again at the speed limit from the top of the hill. If this was changed it would then be possible to improve signage to slow down vehicles coming into Bramley – possibly including another automated sign, which isn’t possible with the change in speed limit and road layout at the moment.

Whilst that work is underway, we would urge drivers: please drive with care.

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