What’s happening to household bin collections?

Over the coming months, there will be big changes to household bin and recycling collections, firstly from towards the end of October, and then again early in the New Year. You should receive a letter through the post from the council next month which explains what the first of these changes mean to you in practice, but these are some of the things you may want to know as we go along.

Phase one:

From late October this year, cardboard and paper will no longer be collected from your blue bag. Instead you should put card and paper out for recycling in your green bin.

You’ll know when to make the switch because the council will stick information to your green bin when you have one garden waste collection remaining, and again when the last one has been taken.

After this, if you want to continue to have your garden waste collected by the council, you’ll need to pay to subscribe to the new service.

For £39, you will be supplied with a new brown bin for your garden waste, which will be collected monthly through the Winter as well as fortnightly through the Summer. Subscribers will get 19 garden waste collections through the year, rather than the 15 you’ve received until now. The price is the same whatever point in the year you subscribe, so you get better value by signing up early.

You can subscribe online now by clicking here and completing the form.

If you do have a garden but don’t subscribe to the new service, in the future you can take your grass clippings and garden waste to a household waste recycling centre like the one on Lidget Lane, buy a home compost bin, or make your own arrangements.

And if you don’t currently have a green bin – perhaps because you don’t have a garden – you’ll need one to recycle paper and card in the future, so you can order one for free by clicking here.

From the end of October, you should use your green bin for paper and card, your blue box for tins, cans and glass, your black bin for the rest of your household waste as usual, and – if you choose to subscribe – your new brown bin for garden waste. Different arrangements will be made for blocks of flats where necessary.

The video above has been produced by the council to explain the first phase of the changes.

Phase two:

Then in the early part of 2019, the second part of the changes will come into place. The council will start to collect plastics for recycling from every household.

Paper and card will be collected from your green bin. Glass, plastics, tins and cans will be collected from your current black bin. Your blue box and blue bag will no longer be used.

This will give every property more space for recycling and mean that you can recycle more types of waste, so everyone will be issued with a new general waste bin – but this will be smaller than your existing bins. Readers of the Rotherham Advertiser voted for this new bin to have a pink lid.

The frequency of recycling collections will also change at this point, so again, more information will be available closer to the time.

Why are these changes happening?

The council needs to do two things: ensure that we all recycle more in order to get closer to the government’s 50% target, and to reduce the cost of running the service because of cuts to the council’s budget. Because there is less funding available to provide services with each year that passes, we have had to prioritise what the council is able to provide free at the point of delivery.

Last year the council undertook a big public consultation on the changes and more than 7,000 people responded. Residents told us very clearly that they wanted to have plastics collected for recycling, so we changed the council’s proposals to make this happen.

Residents also said that they find the current blue box and blue bag difficult to use, likely to get blown away or stolen, and in general people said that they prefer to use wheelie bins rather than the boxes or bags – so for most residents all their waste will now go into a bin once these changes are complete.

And finally, whilst we understand that the introduction of a charge for garden waste collections is not ideal, it does allow the council to offer a service that runs for longer during the year, responding to the comments we receive from gardeners every year that collections either start too late in the Spring or finish too early in the Autumn.

For now… Nothing changes until the second half of October. Keep your eyes peeled for the letter and calendar that will be coming through your letterbox before the end of September, or check out the council’s webpage at rotherham.gov.uk/bins.

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Summer activities for children and young people

One of the issues highlighted with us by residents in our Big Survey last year was a desire to see more activities to keep children and young people occupied in a safe environment. We know that over the summer many families will be looking for affordable activities locally.

That’s why we are using our delegated ward budget alongside the council’s Early Help service this year to support free local activities, open to all:

  • This Wednesday, 25th July, there will be parachute games, ball games and more for younger Outdoor Active Kids on Flanderwell Park (behind the Brush and Easel pub) between 1pm and 3pm. There’s no need to book a place, but children must be supervised by an adult.
  • Then from Wednesday 1st August and every Wednesday through the school holidays, there will be activities and sports for  children aged between 10 and 17 years of age, from 6.30pm to 9pm, also on Flanderwell Park. For further information contact Shaz on 07969977294.
  • And on Wednesday 15th August, again for younger children on Flanderwell Park, there will be a Teddy Bears’ Picnic between 1pm and 3pm. Bring along a picnic, blanket and Teddy. Come and join in some fun & games!

On Friday nights through the summer there will also be mobile youth workers in our area to support and engage our young people.

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More affordable homes for those waiting for council properties

Over the next couple of weeks the council’s Cabinet are set to agree in principle the building of a number of new homes in our area. The homes would be built largely off-site and assembled on location, a process referred to as “modern methods of construction”.

They will be built on small areas of vacant land in the council’s ownership, which are proposed to be transferred to the Arches Housing Association. The properties will be owned and maintained by the housing association, but rented to people through the council housing application process, meaning that they will provide affordable options to people who would otherwise be stuck waiting for a council property.

The proposal would see 14 new homes built in our area:

  • One site at Hornbeam Close, Flanderwell – to accommodate 3 two bedroom houses
  • The former garage site on Greenwood Crescent – to accommodate 2 two bedroom houses
  • One site at Willow Close – to accommodate 5 two bedroom houses
  • One site at Craig Walk, Bramley – to deliver 4 two bedroom houses (opposite the existing houses)

Once the proposals have been agreed in principle, each specific development will be subject to the planning process in the usual way, ensuring that people in the local area can have their say on the designs, layouts and any implications.

These proposals are the latest in a major set of investments in council and other affordable housing in Rotherham. Labour councillors will ensure hundreds of new council homes are built over the next couple of years – the biggest council building programme in Rotherham for decades.

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Tanyard update

Over the last few months, local residents have continued to raise concerns with us about the impact of the Tanyard nightlife on local residential properties. Recently there have been a couple of issues under consideration related to this.

Firstly, there was an application for late night sale of jacket potatoes outside the Three Horse Shoes pub, which we objected to. Unfortunately the Licensing Committee rejected our objection and granted the licence. They did however restrict the opening hours of the retailer as follows:

  • Friday / Saturday open until 01.00 hours
  • Sunday / Bank Holiday open until 00.30 hours.

Secondly there was a planning application for a new bar in The Courtyard (click here for the full application). Again we raised concerns about the implications of this further development, so we were pleased that under the terms of the council’s new Local Plan, it was determined that the application would be harmful to the local retail offer and so was rejected.

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Slow down outside our schools

New signs have been installed outside Bramley Sunnyside Infant and Junior Schools on Flanderwell Lane over the last few weeks, reminding drivers to drive with particular care. The lights are activated at the begining and end of the school day when children are likely to be around the road. The 20 mph limit is advisory, but we are aware that speeding is a particular concern for residents and would urge all drivers to take responsibility for their actions.

Similar signs were installed last year on Northfield Lane as part of the council’s borough-wide roll out.

Cllr Hoddinott will be joining pupils from the school for a community speedwatch event this week.

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