Listerdale estate parking

Residents living close to the shops opposite the Tanyard, close to the service road near Wickersley clock, have often raised concerns with us about parking in the area. The shops have previously raised concerns about cars being parked all day and preventing customers from parking nearby, whilst waste collection vehicles have been unable to get down streets at certain times. And as we previously reported, the police had raised concerns about taxis picking up customers for the pubs in the evening. As a result, last year council staff undertook a survey of possible measures that could be taken to try to ease the difficulties.

Taking into account the views raised by residents and by statutory consultees, over the next couple of weeks households in the area will be contacted again with revised proposals. A further round of formal consultation will then take place, we anticipate starting in June.

We expect these revised proposals to include:

  • Time restrictions on parking outside the shops
  • Further parking restrictions around junctions to try to keep these clear at all time
  • A night time experimental taxi rank in the bus stop – but not outside the Three Horseshoes pub

However, there was very little support suggested for a residents’ parking zone, so this idea is not being taken forward at this time.

We are conscious that there are no easy solutions to the parking issues, and what works for one shop or household may adversely affect another. We are of course available to speak to residents affected, but we would urge residents to consider the revised proposals carefully and ensure that they respond in writing to the second, formal part of the consultation – the revised proposals will not be finalised until after people have had this further chance to make their comments.

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Green space off Belvedere Parade protected

A number of residents have been in touch with us recently after an auction sign went up on the area of green space adjacent to Belvedere Parade, asking why the coucil are selling the site and whether it was likely to be built on.

The site had actually been placed on the market by a property developer, Avant Homes. Although the council have maintained the site for a long time, Avant held the freehold and had decided to dispose of it. After our intervention, the council has agreed to take over the freehold and we expect the listing for the auction of the site to be cancelled. Apart from the sign coming down, residents should notice no change and no loss of the amenity.

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New X6 bus route connects to Airport / AMP and Sheffield

From April 6th, a new bus route – the X6 – will replace the 737 service.

Running along Bawtry Road, the service operated by Stagecoach will connect Wickersley and Bramley to Doncaster Airport and the iPort at one end of the route, to Sheffield City centre via the Advanced Manufacturing Park and Waverley at the other. Services will run seven days a week, half hourly between Bramley and Sheffield, and hourly to the airport.

For more details on the Stagecoach website please click here.

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Bramley community skip

The next community skip funded through our devolved ward budget will be on Tuesday 26th March between 10am and 12 noon or until full, on Craig Walk, off Howard Road in Bramley.

All the usual rules about what can be disposed of apply.

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Councillors put vulnerable children first as more Tory cuts bite

Last week councillors met to formally set Rotherham Council’s budget for the coming year.

Over the decade to 2020, the Tories will have effectively cut £200 million from the council. As a result, more than 2000 jobs will have been lost. And because only half of the council’s income is raised through council tax, what the Tories do in Westminster has a direct impact on the services that the council provides.

Like other councils across the country, a majority of the council’s budget is now spent on providing social care to vulnerable children, families, older people and residents with disabilities. Labour councillors continue to make that our top priority, which is why the proposals include an additional £17 million over the next two years to meet the needs of children who are in the council’s care.

Despite the challenges, our plan keeps our commitment to additional capital investment over the coming year to improve the borough’s roads, and to invest in the town centre, as well as building more council housing. Since 2016 the number of potholes in Rotherham’s roads is down by a third, and we have already announced one of the biggest council house building programmes anywhere in the country.

We are also now making an additional £450,000 investment over the next three years for small scale measures to improve road safety and reduce speeding. And we are increasing the amount of free Saturday parking in the town centre from next month.

Whilst we have done all we can to reduce the impact of budget reductions on services, and to avoid cuts as far as is possible, inevitably there will be an impact. As a result, we are expecting to close Bailey House and Rawmarsh Depot, continuing to reduce the council’s expenditure on buildings. There will be further savings made from customer services as the council improves its online offer and new technology means more information can go directly to frontline staff. More Streetpride and enforcement staff will work on a neighbourhood basis.

In his budget speech (click here to read in full) Cllr Read reminded the chamber that the government’s current proposals for future council funding would mean shifting even more money away from places like Rotherham and into wealthier parts of the country – meaning that the end of austerity is still not within sight.

Cllr Hoddinott in her contribution spoke of the life-changing importance of services to support victims of domestic abuse – which have seen additional investment in Rotherham over the last few years because of the decisions made by Labour councillors. You can watch her speech by clicking here.

Labour’s proposals won widespread backing from councillors, with the exception of Rotherham’s lone Lib Dem. Scarily, Cllr Carter voted down the proposals to prioritise vulnerable children, serving as a reminder that the progress we have made over the last few years could easily be undone. You can watch the whole debate, opened by Cllr Read’s remarks, on the webcast video above.

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