To keep working for you, we need your three votes

Polling day for the council elections is nearly upon us, and as always we are grateful to all the residents who have taken the time to speak to us over the last few weeks.

Elections in our area are always close. That’s why we never take anyone’s support for granted. We’ve had Tory councillors in the not too distant past, so your vote really could make the difference.

Eleven years of Conservative government have been terrible for our area. Far more children now live in poverty. More children are in care than ever before. Homelessness in Rotherham has trebled. They cut 500 officers from South Yorkshire Police. £200 million has been cut from the council with nearly 2,000 local jobs lost as a result. This year they’re even cutting our national funding for road repairs.

As your councillors we’ve always been on the side of our community, but even more so through this difficult last year. We’ve personally supported our local foodbank, and helped with shopping and prescription trips for people needing to self-isolate.

We’ve helped to supply laptops to schools so children could keep learning from home, and provided free school meals vouchers through the holidays – even when the government wouldn’t. Though we’ve not been able to hold our usual face-to-face advice surgeries this year, we have still advocated for hundreds of residents with individual issues.

At this election we’ve set out in detail for you how with your support Labour councillors will build a better borough.

On the other hand, Conservative councillors would make even further cuts to local services. We need a council that stands up to the government on behalf of our residents, not councillors bound to accept whatever is handed down from Westminster.

And the former UKIP-ers now calling themselves the RDP? Their councillors recently voted against Labour’s investment in more street cleaning, youth work, and resources for libraries. That tells you all you need to know about the decisions they would make.

So if you want to keep us working for our community: opposing HS2, fighting for better buses, tackling anti-social behaviour, securing investment, improving our roads and defending our services, please don’t stay at home on Thursday. Use all your three votes in the council elections for your Labour candidates.

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