New gate helps tackle off-road bikes

Labour’s team with the new gate off Elton Lane

A new “kissing” gate has been installed on the footpath off Elton Lane as the latest barrier to help reduce the impact of off-road bikes and quads.

The gate has been funded by your local councillors though our devolved ward budget. It’s one of a number of barriers we’ve secured around the former Silverwood pit site in response to concerns raised with us by people in the area.

Gates at the edge of Woodlaithes that we secured last year following concerns from residents that access to the footpath was being used by off-road bikes.

At the same time we have been supporting organised police intervention against illegal activity on the former colliery site. That intervention has been made possible because of the specialist team out in place by our Labour Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Billings.

We know that these are small steps towards addressing the wider problems that residents face, but by working together and pulling in resources from all sides, we can have a real impact. That’s why we continue to lobby Ogdens to ask them to play their part.

We think that’s just common sense, but mysteriously our opponents at this election from the so-called Rotherham Democratic Party have opposed our petition. They bizarrely claim that the multi-million pound landowners – who have repeatedly refused to secure the site – are the real victims of the current situation.

We’re proud that the founder of the Silverwood nature reserve support group, Bob Boyle, is supporting us in this election in recognition of the work we’ve done locally. As Bob says; “if the RDP is as truthful in the other stuff they’re promising, then plainly they deserve nowt.”

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