£4m investment in local council homes

Mark Grove Neighbourhood Centre recently benefited from the works

Over the last few years, a number of council tenants in our area have raised with us issues relating to external parts of their properties that have been wearing out. That includes things like soffits and fascia boards, where old wooden fixtures and fittings have got past their best.

In extreme cases this has resulted in draughts and leaks, sometimes requiring individual repairs, although more often it has just left homes looking a bit worse for wear.

We have been trying to make sure these works are part of the council’s maintenance schedule, so we were pleased to get confirmation that from next month a £4 million investment programme will come to Flanderwell, Sunnyside, Bramley and Wickersley in our ward.

As well as the direct benefit to tenants, the works should also make a visible difference to the appearance of some streets.

Works in other parts of Bramley and to Mark Grove Neighbourhood Centre took place recently, and tenants in our patch who will be affected should have recently received information about the planned works from the council. Further details with individual householders will be finalised closer to the time.

At the May 6th elections, one of our key Labour commitments as part of our Building a Better Borough plan is to deliver a major programme of new council homes, because we know that there are still thousands of people who can’t get a home to call their own at a rent they can afford.

But we also want to ensure that our existing properties are kept up to a high standard, so we are pleased to have been able to secure this investment in our community.

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