Streetpride team clears up

After the recent works (top), and filled with grass last summer

Our first local Streetpride “blitz” day showed how reform of the service has started to bring improvements.

Moving to locally based “zonal” teams, shifting away from mandatory schedules and allowing staff to respond to local needs as well as reports has helped the service to respond to different issues in different locations. Part of the change means that each ward will benefit from three or four “blitz” days each year, when a team can tackle a particular issue that would otherwise go unattended to.

We recently asked the team to attend the build up of detritus in gullies in the Scarborough Road area, which would never normally benefit from scheduled works. The grass that filled the sides of road last summer showed how years of waste have accumulated!

You can see more over on our Neighbourhoods blog.

Meanwhile, more of Labour’s extra investment in cleaner streets will start of deliver results over the next few weeks, with more new bins replacing the smaller and often damaged carbon fibre models. Solar powered, high capacity bins will be installed at more locations around the borough, in places where standard bins would otherwise need emptying more frequently.

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