Green space safe after we stepped in

Cllr Emma Hoddinott pictured with the new goalposts recently

The green space between Belvedere Parade and Rosedale Way has been safeguarded from possible development after we stepped in.

Some time ago the land, which has been maintained by the council for many years but which has always been in private ownership, was offered up for sale by its owners. We were worried that this popular spot could also prove a hit with housing developers, and knowing the value of the space to the local community, we were able to get the council involved. Fortunately the owners agreed to transfer ownership and ensure it would be protected.

The legal documents went through in the last couple of weeks, meaning that the land is now in safe hands.

We’ve also used our local ward budget to install new goalposts on the site. Unfortunately the rather heavy-handed contractor made a mess of the entrance from Belvedere Parade, but this has now been restored and should soon green over again!

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