Road safety measures taken

new automated speed sign on Brook Lane at Bramley

We know that road safety remains a top priority for local residents, and there are a number of actions we’re currently taking forward on your behalf:

  • The long awaited extension of the 30mph zone along Brook Lane should come into force this month, helping to slow down traffic on its way into the village.
  • Additional signage will go up Sycamore Avenue and Fleming Way as part of Labour £450,000 Neighbourhood Road Safety Fund.
  • We’ve used part of our devolved ward budget to purchase two more speed activated “slow down” signs, planned for locations of Sycamore Avenue and as a permanent replacement for the current temporary signage on St Johns Avenue, where residents have raised concerns with us.
  • Work is still on-going to develop a signalised crossing on Morthern Road close to Wickersley roundabout, just outside our ward but in a location that residents have asked to be considered. As Labour councillors we’ve committed additional money for more siganlised crossing over the last few years.
  • Consultation will take place with local residents about a possible 20mph zone being installed on the Listerdale estate, where residents have expressed concerns about vehicles travelling too fast along the residential streets to cut the corner from the main road. We’re also looking at whether further measures could help to reduce rat running.
  • And we continue to support out local PCSO’s community speed watches which have continued in a rather more solitary way under Covid rules than they used to!

At the same time, our £24m to ’24 programme of investment is taking out potholes and smoothing road surfaces to make them safer for everyone. If you are driving, please do have consideration for other road users.

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