Cllr Sue Ellis statement

In May 2019 Sue Ellis stood down from the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority of which she was the Chair. These were positions for which she received an allowance.

Unfortunately due to a series of errors by the Council the payments continued for over a year.

Responding to the findings of the sub-committee of Rotherham Council’s standards and ethics committee, Cllr Sue Ellis today said:

“I welcome the committee’s finding that there is absolutely no question about my honesty, and as soon as I knew about the Council’s overpayment I immediately paid it all back in full.

“The standards process has been hijacked for political ends ahead of the local elections. I’m really dismayed that the Council made a series of cock-ups and apologised unreservedly , but I’m the one carrying the can.

“Of course I regret not checking my council payments more closely and I’ve been reluctant to explain publicly the personal reasons for this. But the latest Council error means my family’s confidential details were wrongly released, so my father’s death, my mother’s deteriorating dementia and my
partner’s resurgent cancer are all now in the public domain. I trust most people will understand with all this happening, my priorities over this last period were with my family.”

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