Government must change its HS2 plan

Council leader Chris Read has again written to the government urging them to change their plans for the HS2 phase 2b “eastern leg” after the National Infrastructure Commission recommended that regional rail routes be prioritised for investment over the controversial national scheme.

Emma Hoddinott, Chris Read and Sue Ellis supporting the Bramley Stop HS2 campaign

We’ve constantly advocated against the planned HS2 route which will cut through Bramley and other parts of the borough ever since HS2 ltd and then the government abandoned plans for a South Yorkshire stop at Meadowhall, leaving us with all the downsides and no benefits locally.

Now the NIC report confirms what many have suspected throughout, that the Tories would get a better economic return on the public investment, more people benefiting from improved services, more travel time saved, by improving connections between northern towns and cities.

In his letter to the Secretary of State, Cllr Read says; “For many people in our area, the report simply demonstrates what believe to be simply common sense; it’s no use building a train that no one can get on or off, if people can’t use it there is no economic benefit, and the investment would be better spent on improving existing routes where more people already travel and the infrastructure is already creaking.”

You can read his full letter below.

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