Final consultation on reducing Moor Lane South speed limit

new automated speed sign on Brook Lane at Bramley
Automated signage reminds drivers to slow down as they come into Bramley

A long awaited reduction in the speed limit on the approach to the centre of Bramley could be on its way as the proposal reaches the final stage of public consultation.

Residents with properties adjacent to Brook Lane and Moor Lane South have long told us about the fears about the speed of traffic. Earlier this year the 40 mph limit was reduced to 30 mph at Ravenfield crossroads, and the council is now on the verge of extending the 30 mph zone further out of Bramley village – as far as they are allowed under the existing national guidelines.

We have long supported the change, and have funded the automated signage that marks the current boundary between the 30 and 40 mph limits.

plan showing proposed extension of the 30 mph zone
A plan showing the proposed extension of the current 30 mph speed limit

Anyone who wishes to comment on the proposed extension of the 30 mph limit should email and quote reference number NF/65105 before December 24th.

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