Work on new bunaglow sites set to start soon

Works on five sites for new bungalows which were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic are expected to begin within the next three weeks.

We reported previously on the proposals to develop small sites in our area for new properties that will be owned and managed by the Arches Housing Association, but which will provide homes to people who are currently waiting on the council’s housing list.

The sites on Greenwood Crescent, Hornbeam Road, Craig Walk (off Howard Road), and Chestnut Close (two sites) will together see 12 new bungalows built over the course of the next year. The bungalows will meet the needs of elderly people and potentially those with disabilities as well.

Plans to build on the garage site at Willow Close we dropped following our representations and concerns about inadequate parking in the area.

UPDATE: 13th December, some snapshots of the works having started off Hornbeam Road and Greenwood Crescent:

The site between Hornbeam Road and Markfield Drive
The former garage site on Greenwood Crescent

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