Road safety works planned for Dalton routes

Following a worrying series of traffic accidents, we have been pressing for actions to improve the safety of the lanes between Flandwell and Dalton, so we are pleased that these are now planned for December.

Magna Lane, Far Dalton Lane, Hilltop Lane and Northfield Lane will all see works, including:

  • Re-lining of the route with enhanced edge of carriageway road markings which outperform standard lining during periods of wet weather
  • Refreshing of centre line markings
  • Additional warning signage with ‘Reduce Speed Now’ supplementary plates to improve motorist awareness of the road layout
  • Provision of red coloured carriageway surfacing patches to give existing ‘SLOW’ markings greater emphasise in advance of hazards along the route
  • Installation of a Vehicle Activated sign for traffic approaching Dalton Magna to encourage motorists to reduce their speed on the approach to a left hand bend
  • Provision of additional chevron boards on the outside of bends to indicate sharp deviations of the route
  • Provision of additional reflective verge marker posts at three separate bend locations through the route
  • Upgrade to the existing school signage adjacent to Thrybergh Academy and Foljambe Primary School to increase motorists’ awareness of children going to and from school

Cllr Emma Hoddinott welcomed the news saying; “These works will complement previous measures introduced along this route over recent years which have included new carriageway surfacing and the introduction of new reflective posts.”

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