Coronavirus update

Your local team on the Tanyard this week

We joined RMBC staff and our local PSCO on the Tanyard this week, handing out masks and hand sanitiser as well as information about the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Over two days on the Tanyard and at Morrisons, the team gave out supplies to nearly 600 people.

Sadly, infection rates in Rotherham are continuing to rise rapidly at the moment. The most recent confirmed rate is 170 infections per 100,000 people in the borough, up from 81 per 100,000 people the week before. That means that across Rotherham 520 people tested positive for Covid-19 over seven days, which is the highest rate for months.

Rotherham Hospital has also reported increased number of patients seeking treatment, and whilst they are treating fewer people now than earlier this year there was a period over the summer where they were trating no Covid patients at all.

It seems likely that as a result, the government will need to impose new restrictions to try to combat the spread of the disease. We expect details to be announced over the next few days. Most people catching the virus seem to be doing so in social settings, visiting friends, at parties, or in some cases in pubs or restaurants, and these are areas for restrictions that the government is considering.

We would urge you to keep an eye on the Coronavirus information on the council’s website, and to sign up for the email updates, to make sure you have the latest information. You can find these at

Of course, if we do face new restrictions it is vital that the government makes sure we have the resources to support public services, affected businesses, and prevents people from losing their jobs. That’s why this week Cllr Chris Read and the leaders of Barnsley, Sheffield and Doncaster councils, as well as the South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis wrote to the government setting out a five point plan:

  1. An immediate injection of funding for services that protect the public
  2. A targeted support package for businesses in the hospitality, leisure and recreation sectors
  3. Support for jobs, through ‘local furlough’ for workers in businesses who are unable to work or see their hours cut as a result of the restrictions
  4. Provide additional testing capacity and put our Directors of Public Health in the driving seat with Test and Trace, so we can manage outbreaks more effectively in our communities
  5. Increase the eligibility criteria for the Test and Trace support payment for people who are unable to work because they are self-isolating

Of course, whatever happens over the coming days and weeks, we’ll still be working hard to support our local residents. We recently updated the council on some of the things we’ve been doing on your behalf this year – you can watch what we said in the video below, along with our colleagues in the Wath and Wales wards:

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