Don’t let fines for dog fouling lapse!

Please dispose of your dog dirt in a litter bin or dog waste bin, like this one on Ruby Cook!

The council is consulting on renewal of the rules that allow people caught allowing their dogs to foul in public places without clearing up the waste to be fined.

Last year 39 such fines were issued in Rotherham. However, the rules that allow an on-the-spot-fine, known as a “Public Spaces Protection Order” must be renewed every three years or else they lapse.

The council is now consulting on whether to renew the PSPO, alongside a separate order relating to anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

Councillor Emma Hoddinott, Cabinet Member for Waste, Roads and Community Safety, said;

“These orders are put in place to ensure that people feel safe in the town centre and our neighbourhoods are kept free of dog fouling. Without this Public Space Protection Order, it makes it harder for the police and council officers to take action.

“We want to hear people’s views about the problems we are trying to address with this order and whether the extra powers will help tackle them. While incidents of anti-social behaviour in the town centre and complaints of dog fouling across the borough have been declining since 2016, they are still some of the most common causes for complaint and we know that these remain relevant issues for people.”

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