Bramley Old Hall demolition

We have been contacted by a number of residents in relation to the proposed demolition of the Old Hall at Bramley (pictured above), with some people asking whether the council could prevent this on planning grounds.

The building, which is privately owned and has been derelect for years, has been a concern for some time. There have been repeated reports of anti-social behaviour including children using the inside of the building. Repeated efforts have been made between the council and the owner over time to secure the site.

In October 2016, planning permission was granted for the refurbishment and conversion of the building into four dwellings, and for two new dwellings to be built. However, this expired in October last year. No other planning permissions have been saught for the plot over this time.

Planning permission is not required for the demolition of the building. It is not a listed building and it does not sit within a conservation area. However the owner was required to notify the council about their plans, and the borough then had 28 days to consider the method proposed for demolition and how the site would be restored afterwards. On these factors the council can make a decision. However, and perhaps sadly, the principle of demolition cannot be legally contested for this building and it is entirely a matter for the owner.

Whilst there has been a delay because the original notice issued by the owner was found to be inadequate, a further notice has been subsequently issued and works are expected to begin very soon.

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