Slow down on Brook Lane

new automated speed sign on Brook Lane at Bramley
The new sign welcoming a driver travelling within the speed limit

The latest tool to try to encourage repsonsible driving along Brook Lane at Bramley was installed this week. A new vehicle activated sign, intended to encourage drivers entering the village to slow down as the 30mph limit comes into effect is now in place – greeting drivers with their speed, and a green smile for vehicles at or under the limit, or a red frown for those above.

The sign has been funded from our devolved ward budget.

Residents living in the area have long told us about their worries about speeding, and the dangers this poses for vehicles turning out of the nearby junctions and pedestrians crossing the road. In response, we have over the last few years secured the pedestrian island, and a speed activated sign reminding motorists leaving the village that the 30mph limit is still in place until they hit the 40 signs.

Council staff have been undertaking a public consultation on extending the 30mph limit further up the hill to the edge of the built up area, a measure we strongly support, and a formal decision on this is due towards the end of the summer. Last year, the council reduced the speed limit down from 40mph to 30mph further along Moor Lane North at Ravenfield crossroads, following a campaign led by local MP John Healey.

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