Tanyard anti-social behaviour

We have been contacted by a number of residents concerned about events on the Tanyard over recent nights, when substantial groups of people have been gathering outside the shops, vehicles have allegedly been raced along Bawtry Road, and individual passers by reporting being verbally abused. We continue to liaise with the local police who have been responding to concerns. They have provided the following information to be shared with residents;

The team have met with the management company for The Tanyard to discuss long term solutions for tackling anti social behaviour from vehicles and youths in the evenings. These discussions will be ongoing.

The management company have agreed to put ANPR cameras up on both entrances to the car park. This will allow for all vehicles registration numbers to be recorded and made available to the police for any future incidents of vehicle anti social behaviour and criminal activity.

The management company have also agreed to put CCTV cameras and signage up in the car park which will assist in identifying those responsible for anti social behaviour and criminal activity.

The team will be spending more time up in the area with a view to taking enforcement action against those that choose to use The Tanyard and surrounding areas as a meeting place to commit ASB, use drugs and commit offences.

The team encourage residents to continue to report incidents as they happen as this allows a true reflection of the problem. It is not always possible for the local officers to pick up on concerns that are posted on social media.

You can report issues on 101 (non emergency) or 999 (emergency). As a reminder for when either number can be used please see the below.

An emergency requiring a call to 999 would include:

When there is a threat to life.
Violence to a person or damage to property is imminent.
A serious offence is in progress.
A suspected offender is still at the scene of a crime.
When a delay in reporting an incident may prevent the apprehension of an offender.
When serious disruption to the public is currently taking place, or is likely to take place.

A call to 101 would include:

To report a crime that is not currently taking place and the offender is no longer present.
To make a routine enquiry.
To make an appointment to attend an enquiry desk.
Requests for advice or to provide information.
Lost and found property enquiries.

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