Fleming Way works draw 2020 Roads programme to an end

Road resurfacing works on Fleming Way recently

Road resurfacing works have now been concluded on Fleming Way and Markfield Drive, which bring to an end Labour’s £10m 2020 Roads programme. Last year we petitioned local residents to ensure that this major through route in the ward would be included in the programme.

Some additional markings have been added to try to address residents’ worries about speeding cars and we continue to monitor this to see if more needs to be done.

The good news is that back in March we agreed an additional £24 million investment to continue to improve the state of the borough’s roads over the coming four years, so we can continue to see improvements locally over the months and years to come.

New road markings on St Johns Avenue

Residents have raised with us a number of locations where they have been concerned about speeding vehicles or problem parking, and we have been pursuing local solutions. One such example is on St Johns Avenue at Bramley, where new markings have now gone down. Another is outside Bramley Sunnyside Junior and Infant schools on Flanderwell Lane where we have worked with the schools to buy and install “Billie and Belinda” bollards to encourage motorists to drive with care.

New bollards on Flanderwell Lane remind drivers to be cautious in the vacinity of the schools.

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