Good news on bus changes

Bus timetables for services from January 26th have now been published, with some good news for our area. Whilst changes inevitably have some winners and some losers, overall we’ll have more services to Sheffield, Meadowhall and Doncaster than the consultation suggested, and a new Powells service will connect our area through to Parkgate Shopping for the first time, whilst also connecting to Moorgate and the hospital regularly through the day.

In summary:

  • As expected, First will reduce the overall frequency of the X10 and X1 services, but these will still total 6 an hour during the day. 4 of these will travel through to Sheffield via Meadowhall, more than was originally proposed.
  • Responding to our residents’ petition, First have confirmed that the X10 will be re-routed around Markfield Drive, creating a service every thirty minutes around the estate.
  • Powells are replacing the number 4 service with a half hourly number 3 route, which will connect between Ravenfield Common, our area, Moorgate for the hospital, Rotherham bus station and Parkgate Shopping (Retail World). This service will also serve Markfield Drive, effectively replacing the hourly 113.
  • For residents in the Bawtry Road area, First will now run the number 10 service hourly through the day from Doncaster, then Maltby to town via the hospital, and back again (but note that this will not route via Flanderwell Lane as the 10 did previously).
  • Stagecoach services from the Tanyard are unaffected.

Overall, given the challenges faced by the bus companies, this is a much better package of services than were proposed a few weeks ago. Our thanks go to all the residents who helped to make the case for these much needed services. As ever, do let us know how you find it working in practice.

Update (9th February 2020: a number of residents have asked us about the number 3 route. This is pictured below to give you a better idea (click the map for a bigger version). Anyone going to the hospital should use the stop on Beaconsfield Road, which is a short walk to Moorgate and just across the road from the hospital.

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