Gigabit broadband comes to Sunnyside

A map showing the properties benefiting from the investment.

Homes on The Crescent West, Square East and Square West have become amongst the first properties anywhere in the borough to be able to benefit from gigabit (1000Mbps) speeds. The properties had previously had very restricted broadband speeds, due to the pre-copper cabling and distance from the telephone distribution box.

The investment has come as part of the Superfast South Yorkshire phase 2 scheme, supported by the four South Yorkshire Councils and BT and funded by Sheffield City Region. Phase 1 of the programme was intended to ensure that at least 97% of properties in South Yorkshire could get access to broadband speeds of at least 24Mbps. The scheme helped to fill in the gaps in coverage where purely commercial operators would not otherwise have installed the necessary cables.

Homes in Sunnyside won’t automatically be connected to the higher speeds, however. Residents wishing access the full benefits will need to ensure that they have the right package from their internet provider first.

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