BT proposes to close two of the last three local phone boxes

The telephone boxes proposed for closure on Sycamore Avenue and Flanderwell Lane.

BT has proposed to close two of the last three telephone boxes in the ward, despite them being used more than 200 times last year.

The phone boxes are the ones located outside The Joker pub on Sycamore Avenue and on Flanderwell Lane outside Sunnyside Community Centre. These boxes are amongst 33 across the borough proposed for closure, as usage of the boxes declines and BT reduces provision.

If the proposals went ahead, we would be left with one box, close to the junction of Bawtry Road and Cross Street in Bramley.

Whilst removing unused boxes may make sense, we are concerned that these two have been in fairly regular use, suggesting that some residents do still depend on the service, and we will be making representations accordingly.

By law the council is required to consult on the closure of any telephone boxes. You can make your own comments as part of the consultation by clicking here.

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