Responding to the government’s review of HS2

Cllr Read speaking at the Bramley HS2 protest in October 2016

The government has announced it is launching an independent review into the HS2 rail project. The review will examine the costs and benefits of HS2 with a decision on whether or not to carry on with the high-speed rail link to be made by the end of the year.

Cllr Chris Read, on behalf of Rotherham Labour councillors, welcomed the Government’s announcement of their review to examine the costs and benefits of HS2, saying;

“If ministers would like to speak to residents in Bramley, Aston, Wales or beyond they will hear loud and clear that the M18 route would only bring years of inconvenience, no local benefits, and at a huge cost. People are quite rightly angry and upset.

“We already know that the government has downgraded the proposal through South Yorkshire, thinking they can make savings by giving us a second class service.

“Now they have the opportunity to reconsider; either join us up to the network properly by moving the proposal back to Meadowhall, or save us all the trouble and the huge bill by cancelling the phase 2b leg altogether.”

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