Article by Reverend Peter Hughes

There have been reports in the media today relating to an article written by Reverend Peter Hughes of St Alban’s Church, relating to relationship education in schools, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

In a bizarre article in the parish newsletter, he says teaching children about different sorts of relationships is “nothing but state sponsored child abuse”, and; “This sexual indoctrination of young children prepares them for early sexual experimentation, normalises it and, in so doing, opens the door for sexual predators.”

Responding to the news, Cllr Chris Read said;

“This is a deeply alarming article which would be more at home in the darker corners of internet conspiracies than in a church magazine in 2019. It is misleading in its interpretation of the law, confuses gender and sexual orientation and relies on the classic homophobic slur that gay and lesbian people are any more likely to be connected to child abuse than anyone else is. When we are all working hard to keep our children safe, such nonsense can only heighten the risk of genuine harm. Ironically, you can only conclude that the fact that such blinkered views could be promoted by anyone in a position of responsibility today only means that educating children safely and responsibly with age appropriate information is even more important now.”

Both the Diocese of Sheffield and St Alban’s School have distanced themselves from the vicar’s comments.

You can read his article by clicking here. If you are concerned about the teaching of relationship and sex education in schools, you may find this information from the Department for Education to be helpful.

Sadly, this news comes just weeks after Labour councillors blocked UKIP’s Brian Cutts from re-taking a place on the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel. Cllr Cutts was removed from the panel last year after he was found to have made homophobic comments. Despite less than a year passing, UKIP claimed he had been “rehabilitated” and was now an appropriate person to represent the council. However, during the debate Cllr Cutts repeated that he didn’t understand what he had done wrong, saying “I have not yet been given the answer why I was withdrawn in the first place.”

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