Rotherham bin changes latest

Over the coming weeks, households across the borough will be seeing further changes to home bin collections. As we explained last August there are two stages to the council’s changes – last year saw the introduction of an all year round, paid for, garden waste collection service and stopped collections from the old blue bags. The second stage sees the introduction of collections of plastic for recycling, and means the end of the blue boxes. All collections will soon be taken from wheelie bins. As the council’s budget continues to be cut by the government, the new service will save money whilst also increasing the amount of waste that is recycled.

Early indications suggested before Christmas that the first phase of the changes had resulted in as much as 40% more paper and cardboard being recycled than at the same time during the previous year.

Before you make the change you will receive a letter through the post that explains what it means to you. Your collection day won’t change and household waste will still be collected every other week, but recycling collections will be less frequent: paper and cardboard will be collected one fortnight then glass, tins and plastic the next fortnight. Please check the calendar that comes with your letter closely so you know which bin to put out on which day.

You will be left a tag on your black bin (like the one pictured above) telling you when there is only one more ‘general waste’ collection from that bin. A fortnight later, when you receive your last collection, a sticker will be placed on the black bin reminding you to use it only for recycling glass, tins, cans, plastic bottles and plastic pots and containers going forward. On the same day you will receive a new bin with a pink lid, and from then on that pink lid bin should be used for all your general waste that can’t be recycled.

The council has produced the video above which explains what you can expect. You can also find more information about what can and cannot go in each bin after the changes on the council’s website here.

Overall the changes will mean that all households have more capacity for their rubbish than they have ever had, and it is important that we do what we can to ensure we are recycling whenever possible. However we know that some bigger households need more space for their general waste. If you live in a large household of five or more people, or you need extra bin space for medical reasons, special arrangements can be made. In the short term if you currently have a second general waste bin for these reasons you should continue to use it as you need to. The council will soon be writing to households that are known to have more than one general waste bin setting out the process for those bins to be registered so the extra collections can continue, and you can find more information here.

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