What’s happening at Bramley crossroads?

Works have now begun at Bramley crossroads. We can share the following information from council staff with residents:

The council is refurbishing the traffic signal equipment on the A631 Bawtry Road, Bramley, at the junction of Cross Street and Flash Lane.

Some minor alterations to kerb lines will also take place.

Improvements to street lighting at the junction are also being made.

The traffic signal refurbishment will include improved detection for the signals to improve their efficiency. This will require trenching works to lay the detection cables.

Due to the high traffic levels on this route, the majority of works will be undertaken during off peak times, with some night time working.

Civil engineering works will be carried out by the Council’s internal delivery team who will notify any local residents who are likely to be affected.

During the works there will be occasional closures to traffic turning right at the junction, with local diversions in place.

Once complete, the refurbishment scheme will not change the sequencing of the signals at the junction, but will improve their operation.

The refurbishment works will eventually extend to include the junction of A631 Bawtry Road and Moorhead Way (Morrison’s supermarket). The work at this junction will essentially be limited to traffic signals only, apart from minor amendments to the tactile paving on the pedestrian crossing.

These works will be taking place until spring 2019.

We are aware of requests to improve the crossing at the end of Cross Street with dropped kerbs and we continue to raise this with council staff.

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