Councillors toughen stance on HS2

At the council meeting earlier this month, councillors reiterated their opposition to the HS2 route between Birmingham and Leeds, which is planned to go through Bramley.

Rotherham Council has consistently argued that the previously proposed “Meadowhall route” would have meant a better deal – more and faster trains connecting to the heart of South Yorkshire, creating thousands of jobs locally.

In contrast, the government’s latest proposal will mean years of disruption during construction, with no tangible benefits to Rotherham.

Now councillors have urged the government to scrap the Birmingham – Leeds leg altogether and better use the money if they won’t revert to a route that works for Rotherham.

The motion agreed by councillors states;

This Council notes:-

· the recent developments and disclosures about the out of control and spiralling costs of HS2

· the need for improved links throughout the region to Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Hull.

· the ravaging impact of austerity on social services and the urgent need to increase spending on children and young people, adult social care and education.

This Council resolves:-

· to call on the Government to abandon the Leeds leg of the HS2 project immediately, thus saving Rotherham and South Yorkshire from the significant adverse environmental impact which will result

· to call on the Government to allocate the funding released from the abandonment of the Leeds leg to boost essential improvements to local transport infrastructure and the Northern Powerhouse

· to call on local MPs and the Mayor of the Sheffield City Region to support the Council and our communities by lobbying for the abandonment of the Leeds leg of the HS2 project.

– To continue to raise the concerns of local residents that affected by the amended route of HS2, and the disruption that will be caused during its construction.

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