Brook Lane speed sign installed

Local residents living on The Copse and Stonely Brook told us in our Big Survey last year that they were worried about traffic speeding along Brook Lane between Bramley and Ravenfield Common.

We recently organised a community speed watch with our local PCSO, and we were joined by residents to discuss what might be done.

We’ve already been able to use our devolved ward budget to pay for a new speed activated sign which has now been installed. Last year a pedestrian refuge was installed following our campaigning. Lines of sight from the junctions will be improved soon when grass and foliage are cut back.

We are also looking at what we can do to improve signage, so drivers are clear that the stretch of road between the mini roundabout and Stonely Brook is a 30mph limit.

Beyond this, though, it is clear to us that too many cars coming into Bramley down the hill are traveling too quickly. The current 40mph limit doesn’t help. So we are asking the council to look again at the speed limit from the top of the hill. If this was changed it would then be possible to improve signage to slow down vehicles coming into Bramley – possibly including another automated sign, which isn’t possible with the change in speed limit and road layout at the moment.

Whilst that work is underway, we would urge drivers: please drive with care.

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