Tanyard update

Over the last few months, local residents have continued to raise concerns with us about the impact of the Tanyard nightlife on local residential properties. Recently there have been a couple of issues under consideration related to this.

Firstly, there was an application for late night sale of jacket potatoes outside the Three Horse Shoes pub, which we objected to. Unfortunately the Licensing Committee rejected our objection and granted the licence. They did however restrict the opening hours of the retailer as follows:

  • Friday / Saturday open until 01.00 hours
  • Sunday / Bank Holiday open until 00.30 hours.

Secondly there was a planning application for a new bar in The Courtyard (click here for the full application). Again we raised concerns about the implications of this further development, so we were pleased that under the terms of the council’s new Local Plan, it was determined that the application would be harmful to the local retail offer and so was rejected.

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