More affordable homes for those waiting for council properties

Over the next couple of weeks the council’s Cabinet are set to agree in principle the building of a number of new homes in our area. The homes would be built largely off-site and assembled on location, a process referred to as “modern methods of construction”.

They will be built on small areas of vacant land in the council’s ownership, which are proposed to be transferred to the Arches Housing Association. The properties will be owned and maintained by the housing association, but rented to people through the council housing application process, meaning that they will provide affordable options to people who would otherwise be stuck waiting for a council property.

The proposal would see 14 new homes built in our area:

  • One site at Hornbeam Close, Flanderwell – to accommodate 3 two bedroom houses
  • The former garage site on Greenwood Crescent – to accommodate 2 two bedroom houses
  • One site at Willow Close – to accommodate 5 two bedroom houses
  • One site at Craig Walk, Bramley – to deliver 4 two bedroom houses (opposite the existing houses)

Once the proposals have been agreed in principle, each specific development will be subject to the planning process in the usual way, ensuring that people in the local area can have their say on the designs, layouts and any implications.

These proposals are the latest in a major set of investments in council and other affordable housing in Rotherham. Labour councillors will ensure hundreds of new council homes are built over the next couple of years – the biggest council building programme in Rotherham for decades.

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