Objection to late night food outside Three Horse Shoes pub

The council has received an application for a premises licence, which would allow the sale of potatoes in the Three Horse Shoes pub car park off Bawtry Road late at night. Specifically the licence would be for; “a jacket potato stall providing of late night refreshment from 23.00 to 02.00 and opening hours 21.00 to 02.00.”

We are aware of the concerns of residents in the area, not just about this application but also about the existing noise and nuisance caused by some events and some patrons of the pubs in the Tanyard area, especially at night.

We have therefore formally objected to the application as follows;

On behalf of Wickersley Ward councillors I would like to object to the proposed license for a jacket potato stall to 2am in the car park of the Three Horse Shoes pub. This is on the grounds of prevention of further crime and disorder in this area and the prevention of public nuisance, both of which are growing concerns affecting local residents in the area.

Over the past 10 years Wickersley has developed a busy night-time activity especially on the North Side of Bawtry Road.

This means that the residents who live in the neighbouring cottages, in the flats above the commercial properties and the people who live at the bottom of The Grove and Listers have to bear the problems associated with the late night /early morning economy.

Complaints have steadily increased both to us as ward councillors and the parish council. Residents have also complained to the police and Environmental Health in the past but as they experience problems with contacting the Police on the 101 phone number it is highly likely that the figures will not show the true record.

Public Nuisance

The pub carpark is within close proximity of residential houses.

The council has had numerous complaints of noise from the Three Horse Shoes pub, the most recently from local residents this bank holiday weekend. The Three Horse Shoes has had noise warnings placed on it in 2016 and as recently as April this year.

By allowing an outside stall at the late hours stated, it will bring noise and gatherings outside, and will cause further nuisance especially noise to residents in the area.

Further Crime and Disorder

As local Councillors we are concerned over the over development of the nightlife in a predominately residential area. There has been an increase in violent crimes in the area as altercations and fights break out. We have also had reports from residents of urinating on walls, wheelie bins being tipped over and glasses smashed or dumped in gardens.

The police have acknowledged this by having a presence on a Friday and Saturday evening, which frequently takes the form of a police van parked up for long periods of time.

Figures from police.uk in the immediate vicinity of the Three Horse Shoes show in the last six months a 35% increase in anti-social behaviour on the same six months last year, an increase in public order offences, and though violent and sexual offences are similar, they are still a 25% increase on two years before. Whilst the numbers are relatively small, we also believe that there is a knock-on effect into the wider community. The official statistics show a pattern of increasing crime and disorder which is consistent with feedback we hear as councillors.

By allowing pub-goers to congregate outside at such late hours, it provides further opportunity for disorder which we believe will affect local residents, rather than quick dispersal from the area.

There aren’t any outside late night food stalls in the area at the moment. I hope you will consider this evidence when considering the unsuitably of a late night food stall in the area.

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