Consultation on changes to household bin collections

As the council faces up to yet another year of budget cuts imposed by the government, we continue to need to re-examine all services to ensure they are sustainable and efficient. At the same time, the government has a target to increase the level of recycling nationally to a level higher than we currently achieve in Rotherham.

As a result, we have brought forward proposals to change the way that household waste is collected and these are currently out to public consultation. The proposals have been summarised in the video above, produced by the council.

If they are introduced we expect these changes to save more than £1 million a year every year over the next decade.

You can read more about the proposals, have your say and feed back about your experiences by clicking here. You can also speak to council representatives at a number of face-to-face drop in sessions. The closest ones to our area will be:

  • Wednesday, 6th December, 2017 10am to 2pm at Riverside House, Main St, Rotherham town centre, S60 1QY
  • Friday, 22nd December, 2017 9am to 1pm at Maltby CDT Wesley Centre, 14 Blyth Rd, Maltby, S66 8JD
  • Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018 10am to 2pm at Riverside House ,Main St, Rotherham town centre, S60 1QY

Any changes to collections will not be introduced until the second half of 2018 at the earliest.

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