Footpath lighting commitment from our neighbourhood budget

The footpath between Mark Grove Neighbourhood Centre and Elder Drive will be lit with new streetlights as one of the first projects to be funded from our new devolved neighbourhood budget.

The path, which sits behind houses on Larch Avenue and Willow Close, had been raised with us as a location where residents had been worried about anti-social behaviour on the past. We consulted with residents in the area who were overwhelmingly in favour of lighting the path. Hopefully once they’re in the place the new lights will help people to feel safer, especially on dark winter evenings.

We have also committed to support a new sign for the neighbourhood centre, and four seperate community skips which will take place in locations across the ward over the coming months.

We’ve already delivered thousands of our 2017 Big Surveys to make sure we’re hearing the priorities of local people, so if you’ve not yet returned yours please don’t forget – and if you’ve not received one yet it should be coming through your door very soon.

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