We’ve cut councillors’ allowances to invest the money in your priorities

Last month, Labour councillors agreed a new approach to how we engage with local communities. Following a review of the existing Area Assembly structures, we agreed that rather than paying seven councillors to Chair meetings, we would instead spend that money on local priorities in every ward in Rotherham.

Not unsually, UKIP councillors split three ways: some voting in favour, some against, and some abstaining on the proposal.

Locally we know that by spending small amounts of money where they are needed, we can deliver small practical improvements in the way that major council schemes cannot. In the last year, for example, we funded the “slow down” scheme pictured above on Church Lane in Bramley in response to the concerns of local residents. Previously, under the centrally run council scheme, a similar sign could only be kept in place for a relatively short period of time. We were also able to fund the repainting and maintenance of the railings at Bramley crossroads. The new money will add to our Community Leadership Fund which, for example, in the last year paid for new tables at Sunnyside Community Centre, and a much needed trip to the seaside for families from Flanderwell.

You can read the report to the council in full by clicking here.

It isn’t a huge amount of money, but it is a reflection on our changing priorities at a time when the council’s budget continues to be cut again and again year on year.

We will be seeking views from residents about how we should spend the money locally, but if in the mean time you have ideas or questions, as ever do get in touch.

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