Markfield Drive estate improvements & Fleming Way park

The on-going improvements to the Markfield Drive estate in Flanderwell have reached the next milestone with the completion of the additional parking spaces that tenants and residents asked for.

Small scale environmental improvements, the removal of some small walls, new foot rails, new paths and trees, had already been undertaken. The latest works have also seen changes to the disused “triangle” at the end of Mark Grove (pictured above).

The next stage of the works includes improvements to the children’s play area – the proposal below is open for comments until the end of this week.

UPDATE: There will be a drop in session at Flanderwell School for anyone who wishes to see and comment on the park proposals on Tuesday April 4th, between 2.45pm and 4.30pm.

Council tenants on the estate will also benefit in future from new fencing.

The works are funded from council housing rents in order to ensure that the estate meets the standard set out in the council’s policy.

Comments are closed.


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