X1 bus route and other changes


The number 1 and 2 bus routes will be replaced from tomorrow (Monday 4th September) with a new X1 service providing a direct through service to Sheffield city centre via Rotherham bus station and Meadowhall (utilising the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) North route). The new route promises new buses (in the style of those currently serving the X78 route) and, in time, wif-fi. Users of the 1 and 2 services from Wickersley and Bramley should largely see improvements from the ‘Steel Link’ service, but you may wish to check the new timetable prior to travelling (click here) and will also need to know that the route will no longer call on Wellgate in town – instead using Clifton Lane, so if you usually use Wellgate you may be better catching it from the bus station. The route map above is taken from the new timetable.

The other major change in our area is the scrapping of the number 13 and 13a service provided by TM Travel (which served the Bramley Grange estate). If you have required this service, it is recomended that you now use Dial-a-Ride or Shopper Bus (please click here or call 01709 517100 for more information or to book). Please note that First’s number 13 service, which runs via Sycamore Avenue, will continue as normal.

For a full list of bus service changes please click here.

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