Has your postal vote arrived yet?

election 2016 campaigners

The election campaign is now firmly in full swing, and if you have requested a postal vote this should be arriving with you shortly. If you are registered for a postal vote and have not received it in the next few days, you should contact Electoral Services at the council directly (please click here).

If your postal vote has arrived already, please don’t forget to complete it and cast all three of your votes for your three Labour candidates in the council elections, plus on the second ballot paper giving your first preference to our excellent Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings, and return it as soon as possible to make sure that your vote counts.

Our thanks goes to everyone who has given their time to be part of our campaign, delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, putting a poster in their window. We can only continue to serve the community because of the support that you give us.

If you’d like to display a poster in your window, or to get more involved with the Labour Party, please let us know by clicking here.

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