Latest Aldi planning issues

Residents may be aware that Aldi have submitted a number of changes to their planning permission to develop the site on Bawtry Road at Bramley. We share the disappointment of some local residents that these changes could devalue the approved development, which enjoyed overwhelming support. We have made the following formal comments to the council as part of the planning consultation:

As local Councillors for the area, we would like to support the existing objections by local residents and the Parish Council regarding the change in delivery times and signage at the proposed site for the Aldi Store in Bramley.

Objection to Planning Application Number : RB2016/0109
We are writing to object to the plans submitted by Aldi with regards to the illuminated signs on Main Street and Bawtry Road. These are totally out of keeping with a residential area, and go beyond that allowed for existing businesses in the village.

We don’t believe a pole sign is necessary on Main Street as it is a residential street and the existing streetscene along Main Street does not have any intrusive signs. The light and height of the proposed sign would be insensitive to the houses and church opposite. The Main Street entrance is not the main entrance for the store.

The proposed pole sign on Bawtry Road is much larger than existing signs, and an illuminated sign at this height would have a negative impact on the village and completely out of character. It is important to note that a smaller sign at the neighbouring King Henry Pub was refused by the Planning Inspectorate due to its negative visual impact on the area. Businesses should be treated fairly and equally with regards to permissible signs, and therefore we can not see how this sign can be allowed.  The size of the frontage of the store on the road is adequate to alert drivers to the presence of a store; and indeed a large and intrusive sign near to a busy road junction could impact on road safety.

Objection to Planning Application Number : RB2016/0234
We would like to object to the varying of hours for deliveries to the store. The existing restrictions are in place for the benefit of local residents, and the change from 7am to 6am Monday to Saturday and 9am to 8am on a Sunday are unacceptable changes which would a negative impact on the village.

In summary, we are very disappointed that Aldi has submitted these amendments following a public consultation on the original plans, where conditions were put in place that addressed any concerns from local residents. We would like to draw attention to the fact that the signs in particular were omitted from any of the artistic streetscene impressions showed to local residents during the original consultation.

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