Flanderwell estate improvements

markfield drive improvements - dec 2015

We’re pleased to see the first phase of environmental improvements on the Markfield Drive estate at Flanderwell starting to take shape.

After consultation with residents back in February, the council is investing in paths, kerbs, removal of some of the remaining free-standing walls (some of which will be replaced with low level fencing to prevent vehicles travelling where they aren’t supposed to, whilst maintaining a more open feel), and improvements to provide bin stores to the maisonettes. This work is on-going. We have been working with council staff to ensure that residents are aware of what is happening and to seek comments.

The next stage (phase 2) is still in the planning stages and may include a combination of boundary treatments, path resurfacing, and improvements to the steps leading to flats.  Importantly, the council will be undertaking further consultation with the residents affected over the forthcoming months in preparation for delivering works next year.

The works are being funded by the council’s Housing Revenue Account. Do let us know if you have any comments or feedback.

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