Town centre protests: Enough is Enough

town centre protest

The council and partner agencies have launched a new campaign calling for a halt to the extremist protests which have blighted our town centre on average one weekend every month for more than a year now. It is a non-partisan community campaign, supported by councillors of different parties, and we’re seeking your help to show the strength of opinion in our town as the government considers what action it may be able to take.

Launching the campaign, local councillor and council leader, Cllr Chris Read: “Repeated protests, largely by people from outside the local community, are holding Rotherham back. They make people feel unsafe in their own town and neighbourhoods and they’re bad for business.

“We want to see justice for the victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and their families, and it’s quite right that people want and need the council and police to do better than in the past. We are committed to doing so.  We acknowledge and support the right to freedom of protest, but this repeated disruption – the number of marches into double figures since March 2014 – is now helping no-one.

“By signing up to this petition, we will prove to Government that enough is enough – it’s time for Rotherham to be left to move forward with the good work that is already underway and to build a new future for the people who live and work here.”

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