On Thursday, vote Chris Read and John Healey

vote chris read

On Thursday, you’ll be asked to vote for your local MP and your councillor.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of local residents over the last few weeks, and every household will have received leaflets and information.

John and Chris Read aAnd because we work hard for our community all year round, you know that we never take the support of local people for granted.

But this is a big election. Our public services are already under real strain after five years of the Tories. Now they are proposing to cut more in the next three years than they have in the last five.

And UKIP? They’re still trying to hide their real views on the NHS. Still the party of ex-Tories. They’re even trying to get a third ex-Tory councillor elected in Rotherham under their colours this year.

Even as public services continue to face huge cuts and the government has missed its own deficit reduction targets, both the Tories and UKIP propose more tax cuts for the richest in society.

The direction of our country needs to change, and the way our council has worked needs to change. But it’s got to be the right sort of change, guided by our values. Change that strengthens our community, rather than driving people apart.

That’s why we’ve set out our clear priorities for Britain, and for Rotherham.

You can find out more, and pledge your support, by clicking here.

With your support, we’ll keep in touch, keep working hard all year round, and make the change that we need in Rotherham.


Rotherham Labour – Our Pledges for you!

Posted by Rotherham Labour on Tuesday, 14 April 2015


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