Bramley Aldi update

We have been contacted by a number of residents over recent weeks about the lack of action on the former Lighting Bug site on Bawtry Road. Aldi had received planning permission to build a new store on the site a year ago and we were hopefully to have seen progress on site at the start of this year.

We have been reassured by both Aldi and the company acting on their behalf that they still fully intend to develop the site. However, they tell us that due to the rate of growth of the business they have delayed development “to ensure we have adequate resource to deliver a successful store from day 1”.

We had previously been advised that it may be necessary for Aldi to revisit their planning permission.

Aldi tell us that they intend to be on site later this year, with the store opening in 2016.

Rumours have circulated of possible asbestos on the site: Aldi confirm that this present, but that it is being surveyed and will be removed “appropriately” as part of the demolition of current buildings. The demolition is currently out to tender. We have asked Aldi to ensure that the site is as secure as possible in the meantime.

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