Number 4 bus changes

From next Monday (the 26th) there will be changes to the number 4 bus route which operates through our area. If you use the route, you should consult the new timetable by clicking here.

As we reported back to residents late last year, takeup of the service – which we had campaigned to protect – had been less than the operators, Powells, had hoped. The service is set to continue, but on the basis of a reduced timetable. The route will no longer run through to Meadowhall, but at the other end of the route it will once again connect through to Ravenfield Common. As a result, the “loop” at Bramley (which included Belvedere Parade) will be dropped. SYPTE will continue to subsidise the early morning services from Bramley to Dalton and Rotherham.

We would once again urge residents to use this service in order to ensure that it remains viable.

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