Bins update

Household waste collections of black bins has been taking place in our ward this week on Monday, Tuesday and today, with priority given to households that did not have a collection at all over the Christmas period.

We are very aware that progress has been very slow. Even with extra collection teams working, officers have been struggling with the volumes of rubbish to be collected from many homes. As we posted previously, we had been told – and were hopeful – that all households would receive a collection by Tuesday at the latest.

We have kept in regular contact with management, and this evening they tell us that they expect all Wickersley ward black bin collections to be completed tomorrow.

However, blue box/bag collections, which were expected to be back on track from this Friday, will now not start until this Saturday at the earliest.

Clearly this has been a far from ideal situation. Councillors met with managers from across the Streetpride team on Tuesday morning, and the Director of Streetpride will be attending Scrutiny next week in order to give an update and take questions from councillors as we try to resolve the current situation – and if possible prevent it from happening again.

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