Planning application for a takeaway on Cross Street, Bramley

The council has received a planning application for a change of use for the former PC Part X store (which is relocating next door) on the corner of Cross Street and Bawtry Road in Bramley.

The application (which you can read in full here) proposes a change of use for the retail unit to allow it to become a hot food takeaway.

As the local ward councillors we have submitted a formal objection to the application, which you can read below:

The site sits right on the corner of the junction of Bawtry Road and Cross Street. On street parking in the area is limited, and is generally fully used by residential households at night time.

We have received multiple complaints, which are known to Highways, about the existing takeaways on the one way system which have resulted in pavement parking and the blocking of public footpaths. Delivery vehicles belonging to the existing takeaways are believed to be a big part of this problem. Cars driving too quickly up on to pavements have been known to narrowly miss pedestrians. The location of this site, with such limited parking and so close to the junction, suggests that the problem may be accentuated here.

Despite the claim in the application that; “there is a parking area directly in front of the shop which will accept several cars”, there is in fact only one parking space for the retail units, with the next space along being used by the first house on Cross Street. The other side of the road is double yellow lines up to the junction, and the pub and club on the other side of the road require their own off street parking.

The single parking space seems even more of a problem when you consider that the applicants themselves say that “many customers collect by car”.

These issues have been largely irrelevant previously with the unit being used as a retail space during the day, when on street parking is more freely available further down Cross Street.

In view of this, the opinion submitted by the Highways Development Control Officer is concerning and suggests a lack of understanding about the pressures resulting from evening road use in the locality.

There has been widespread opposition to the change of use from residents in the immediate area and we would urge the Planning Board to reject this application.

Due to the number of residents who have expressed their concerns, the application is likely to be considered by the Planning Board in January.

UPDATED 9th January: Yesterday, the Planning Board rejected the application. The applicant is able to appeal this decision, so we will continue to keep an eye on this.

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