Confirmed bus changes


From the weekend of 19th July, new bus routes will come into operation in our area.

Contrary to some rumours, Powells have confirmed that they will take over the running of the number 4 service, linking Bramley, Flanderwell and Sunnyside to Dalton. They have also confirmed some changes to this route: through the day it will run through to Meadowhall (via Rotherham bus station), meaning that most of our area will now benefit from a half-hourly service to Meadowhall without the need to change in town. Additionally, at Bramley the service will turn off Moor Lane South and onto Hollyrood Rise, Balmoral Way and Belvedere Parade (and vice versa in the other direction), providing a bus service on the doorstep of some residents for the first time. The new number 4 will terminate at Bramley Cross Street.

First will go ahead with their re-routed number 10 service, running along Fleming Way, Markfield Drive and Flanderwell Lane, which will provide a service every twenty minutes during the day to Rotherham centre via the hospital in one direction and Maltby in the other.

The new routes are a big improvement on what was originally proposed and should provide a better range of services, some of them more frequent, helping to meet the needs of local residents. We have worked hard with the bus companies and SYPTE to try to get the best deal that we can. However, the services will only continue whilst they are commercially viable for the bus operating companies – please do use them, don’t lose them!

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