Local UKIP were virtually all Tories two years ago

UKIP graphic 2We’ve commented before on some of the similarities between UKIP and the Conservatives. According BBC research, 70% of UKIP councillors were previously Conservative voters.

That makes some sense. As the Tories have tried to put competition at the heart of the NHS, UKIP have called for them to go further.

Whilst the coalition have made big public spending cuts, UKIP have repeatedly suggested they would go further.

George Osborne is fighting in the courts to try to block a cap on bankers’ bonuses – UKIP voted against such a cap.

The Tories gave a big tax cut to those on the highest incomes – UKIP’s “flat tax” policy would cut the taxes of the richest still further.

In our area, Conservative activists have been rebadging themselves as UKIP:

  • Wickersley ward’s former Tory councillor is now standing for UKIP in Silverwood ward.
  • Hellaby’s former Tory councillor is now standing in that ward for UKIP.
  • Another former Hellaby Tory councillor is the UKIP candidate for Wickersley ward tomorrow. It’s not clear when he left the Conservative Party – until just days ago Mr Cutts’ register of interests as a parish councillor declared he was a Tory Party member.

But now it seems that it doesn’t stop there. Of the ten people who have signed the UKIP nomination papers this time, our records suggest that nine signed the nomination papers of the Conservative candidate two years ago. One, Don Ross, was the Conservative Party candidate in 2010 and 2011.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, except perhaps apparently we’re not the only ones who think that Mr Farage is keeping the flame of Thatcherism alive.

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