Lidget Lane recycling centre re-think

Rotherham Council is trying to save £26,000 next year from the budget for household waste recycling centres as the government’s cuts continue to hit our local services.

We were pleased, however, that the council had a late re-think about plans which would have seen the Lidget Lane site at Bramley closed for two days each week whilst two of Rotherham’s other four sites would have gone unaffected.

After we raised our concerns, the Council’s Cabinet determined that a one day a week closure in each of the four sites would be a fairer way of proceeding. This solution is not without difficulties because of the way that the sites are organised and staffed, so the one day a week closures will be trialled for an initial six month period.

The council will now consider which day the closure should take place on, to try to minimise distruption for users of the service. The Cabinet has determined that none of the closures will take place on Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays.

For more information about Rotherham’s Household Waste Recycling Centres, please click here.

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