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proposed new bus routes

We’ve asked our local Area Assembly and the South Yorkshire Passenger Executive to come to our area to hear your views about potential changes to bus services that could come into effect from April next year.

We’re concerned that the changes, which are part of a package of measures intended to overall improve bus services, could potentially have a derogatory impact on local residents.

The image above gives an idea of how services could run if the changes are agreed (click here for a map of the full borough in PDF format). Specifically the changes would mean:

  • The number 4 service that currently provides a service between the town centre and Ravenfield Common, travelling via the Mushroom Roundabout and Asda, Sunnyside and Bramley, would be withdrawn altogether.
  • The number 3 services that links the town centre and Ravenfield Common via The Stag, Wickersley Tanyard, Markfield Drive and Bramley would also be withdrawn (as would the 3A).
  • The four-times a day number 13 service, which currently travels between the town centre and Mexborough via Bramley (including Bramley Grange Crescent), is proposed to longer serve the hospital, but would travel through Dalton instead providing a limited service to Asda and the Miner’s Welfare from our ward.
  • The number 10, that currently runs between Maltby and Rotherham town centre via Bawtry Road and the Hospital, would detour from Bawtry Road down Church Lane, Flanderwell Lane, Fleming Way, Markfield Drive and Northfield Lane before proceding to the town centre via the hospital (every twenty minutes during the day, increasing the frequency of services into and out of town from Flanderwell Lane / Fleming Way / Markfield Drive which are effectively half hourly at present).
  • The X13, which runs into Sheffield once in the morning and back twice in an evening, from Woodlaithes and Sunnyside, would be replaced by a once a day each way extension of the current 32 service route.


bus stopThe number 18 service to Doncaster, the 87 to Meadowhall, the 19, 19A and 19B services to Dinnington and Worksop, the X7 to Sheffield, and the number 1 and 2 services to the town centre and Maltby are not proposed to alter.

If you have questions, would like to find out more, or to make comments about the plans, please come along to Sunnyside Community Centre (on the corner of Flanderwell Lane and Central Avenue) on Friday 22nd November at 6pm for our local consultation event. It is very important that, before any changes are made, the bus companies understand about how local residents use the services, or how you might use them more in future.

If you can’t make it on the 22nd, you can also find out more and submit your views online by going to rotherhambuspartnership.co.uk. The closing date for the consulation is Monday 2nd December.

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