Bramley crossroads resurfacing


We have been informed by council staff that road resurfacing will be undertaken on Bramley Crossroads, Cross Street and part of Bawtry Road (as indicated on the plan above). The work is expected to start on Sunday 13th October, and last for eight weeks.

Cross Street has been included on the list of planned road maintenance for the last two years due to its poor state. The council’s engineers tell us that this section of Bawtry Road has begun to experience water “ingress”, meaning that although the surface may seem to be in a reasonable condition at the moment, repairs now are far more cost effective than waiting for the damage to become more visible.

Additionally, as anyone who has used the pedestrian crossing will be aware, the traffic sensors no longer work so the lights have been simply functioning on a rotating basis regardless of traffic. This currently results in delays to traffic, particularly at busy times. New sensors will be installed as part of these works.

The total cost of the works is expected to be around £280,000.

Residents living in the immediate area should have received the following information from council staff about the practicalities of the works:

In order to minimise disruption to traffic the works will be carried out at the following times and with the following special arrangements

Bawtry Road including the junction: overnight working between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:30am. The works will be carried out in stages and turning manoeuvres at the junction will be restricted on selected nights. Traffic will generally be directed to U turn at Wickersley roundabout or M18 junction 1 as appropriate when affected by these restrictions. Flash Lane and Cross Street at their junctions with Bawtry Road will also be closed on selected nights. In these instances traffic diversions will be signed via the local road network. Bawtry Road will remain open to through traffic at all times.

Cross Street: Sunday working between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm (no works to take place on Remembrance Sunday 10th November). Cross Street will be closed whilst works are taking place with a signed diversion directing through traffic along Church Lane and/or Main Street. Limited access will be available for residents and businesses from Main Street roundabout only. If you require your vehicle during the above times of the works please ensure that you park elsewhere before the start of each working day. We will maintain access to the footway at all times and access will be maintained for emergency vehicles.

The Council recognises the disruption and inconvenience that will be caused by these works, and has sought to reduce both to a minimum. However, we hope that you will understand that they are necessary to improve both the condition of the carriageways and also the operation of the traffic signals at the junction, which at present are being affected by the failure of detection equipment within the poor carriageway surface. We will aim to complete the works as quickly as possible.

As residents would expect, we continue to press for road repairs and resurfacing in other parts of the ward to ensure that we receive our fair share of works. Sadly, the budget is under huge pressure, not helped by the government’s slashing of local government funding.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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