Trying to tackle litter despite the cuts

A number of residents have expressed concerns to us about litter, fly tipping and other local environmental issues. As the government has cut the council’s budget the Streetpride service has been affected, so it is important that the remaining service works as effectively as possible.

That’s why Cllrs Sue Ellis and Chris Read recently joined with colleagues to undertake a formal “Scrutiny” review looking at how the street cleansing and ground maintenance services could work better. We want to see residents better informed about what service they can expect, and local crews given the flexibility to respond to local needs. We also asked the council to more accurately record where issues are reported so that hot spots can be targeted. The council’s cabinet will respond to the report later this year.

You can download the report from the council’s website by clicking here.

In the mean time, please do report any issues of concern to Streetpride on 336003 or by emailing Fly tipping is illegal, so if you are aware of this activity taking place and you have information that may help the police to take action you should contact them directly by calling 101.


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